Brookies are a delicious combination of yummy fudge brownies and delectable cookies.



With Bookie’s Brookies, you are bound to have watery taste buds that’ll have you craving for more!


The name Bookie’s Brookies originated from Xavier and his grandmother, Nene. Bookie was actually a nickname Nene gave Xavier growing up. They would always have fun and bake small treats together.


One day they just could not decide whether they wanted cookies or brownies, so Xavier thought “well why not do both?” So they tried it out and the brownie cookies turned out amazing!


From that day, Brookies were born.


Xavier began to bring them to family gatherings and people started to get addicted! His family motivated him to do more with them while having Elegant Picnics by Zay’s Signature Creations.


Xavier thought it was a great idea, so he perfected his very own recipes to become Bookie’s Brookies - a combination of a fudge brownie and delectable cookie.

Bookie Character (1).png


This service provides you pick-up, delivery, or nationwide shipping of freshly baked Bookie’s Brookies by Zay’s Signature Creations.
You can order them for you or a special friend for almost any occasion. This is perfect to do with our special packaging to match your occasion along with a custom greeting card as well.